Company History. Televes was created in 1958, just as TV in Spain began its transmissions. From a small factory unit employing 10 staff and with a turnover of 3000 USD for the first year, the Televes Corporation has grown to include over 750 employees with an annual turnover in excess of 192,9M €.

Televes was the first company, in its market sector, to have a processor for Digital Signals, making it a market leader in sales and technology. Time and time again history has proven that Televes is at the forefront when it comes to new technology.

Activity. R+D, Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Sales and Marketing of all products for the reception and distribution of TV signals.

Success' mainstays (aims). We aim to be a market leader, and produce reliable and competitive products. We also aim for the R+D department to be a vanguard of innovation as well as for technological and industrial excellence. All this enables Televes to respond to today's demands.

Customer support. Televes is constantly striving to increase its level of service to customers, through quality control, competitive prices and after-sales service.

Training.Televes offers training in both product use and installation. 


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