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GRIVEN has established itself as one of the world leading manufacturers in the entertainment and architectural lighting market, featuring a comprehensive catalogue of proven quality, high reliability and fully weatherproofed lighting fixtures capable of offering professionals always the most innovative and alternative solutions. A full range of acclaimed lighting effects, colour changers, professional moving heads, sky projectors and a complete collection of products for the professional theatre market are available worldwide from a well-selected network of specialist outlets. In its quest to keep ahead of a constantly expanding market, GRIVEN has taken on board the LED technology for an increasing number of lighting fixtures, which have already become a must in the entertainment and architectural market. The countless bonuses and boundless versatility of such a dynamic lighting source, such as continuous flicker free light, instant light access, limitless colour creation, wide range of light distribution angles and full digital control flexibility, characterizes a portfolio of groundbreaking technology products that GRIVEN is proud to offer the show business industry professionals. All GRIVEN products are the result of high build and design standards, coupled with constant research and development, leading to true technical innovation. 



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